St. JOHN to open new restaurant in Marylebone
Published 04 July 2022


St. JOHN, one of Britain’s most revered restaurants, is opening a new location in Marylebone this September, the group’s first in seven years.

The newest iteration of Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver’s legendary nose-to-tail restaurant will be an ‘all-day, wine-led space’, with a menu overseen by Fergus and chef-director Jonathan Woolway. Doughnuts from their Bermondsey bakery will be served with champagne in the morning, while a changing blackboard of small plates and bar snacks will take over the menu during the day.

Trevor said: ‘Inspired by the bars of Paris and Florence, which are all things to all people at all moments through every day – coffee and wine, tartines and three-course meals, babies and bankers. Each St. JOHN sings with its own voice, dictated by the environment and community in which it finds itself. This new addition to the family will provide a rolling feast of many parts, with ample good wine as you would expect’.

The exact location for St JOHN Marylebone is still unknown, but this is huge news for the area – and London.

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