Restaurant FAQs

All your questions answered.

How does a restaurant get into The Good Food Guide?
The long-list for potential entries is created from the huge volume of feedback that we receive from members of the public. We collect comments and recommendations throughout the year from diners across the UK. The Good Food Guide team then assesses the recommendations to create a long-list of potential inclusions before sending our anonymous inspectors to visit the restaurants in question.

How do diners send you feedback?
Diners can send us their feedback using our online feedback form

Can we actively encourage diners to send feedback to you?
Yes, we're happy for you to direct your diners to our online feedback form from your website and social media. We've provided a button (below) which you can place on your website to do this.

Do you have any marketing materials we can give to diners in order to encourage them to send you feedback?
We don't currently have any printable materials, but we may look at this in the future.

Are we in this current edition of The Good Food Guide?
All of the restaurants listed in the current edition of the guide are also listed online. Please sign in and search for your restaurant to see if it is listed.

Will we be in the next edition of The Good Food Guide?
We cannot advise individually as to whether a restaurant is or isn't going to be included in the next edition. All included restaurants, however, will be informed a few weeks prior to the publication of the next edition, which is published on the first Monday of September.

We were in the last edition. Does that automatically mean we will be in the next one?
No, the guide is completely re-written every year.

I don't like our score/can I please have some feedback regarding our score?
We don't discuss with restaurants scores or inclusion in The Good Food Guide. 

Do you have a telephone number we can contact you on?
No, if you wish to contact us, email us at This email account is constantly monitored and we will reply to your query as soon as possible.

We would like to be removed from the guide, how do we do this?
The guide was originally created as a service for the general public, informed by diner feedback. It continues to this day in the same vein, and it's our longstanding policy to remain independent and include a wide range of all of the best restaurants in the UK. To remove a restaurant we deem recommendable would be a disservice to our readers. Therefore if a restaurant meets our high standards we will continue to include it. 

We have some updates to tell you, how do we keep in touch?
Please email us at

Some details are incorrect, how do we update them?
Please email us at

Our entry on the website is missing images/we would like to send you some new images, how do we do this?
Please send high-resolution images of your exterior, interior, dishes and chef to Please note: by submitting an image, you consent to it being used on The Good Food Guide website and/or other Waitrose publications (Waitrose Weekend, Waitrose Food etc.) including press. If your photo has a credit, please state this clearly in the file name.

We've had a diner try to use a voucher but we don't remember signing up to this, what can we do?
Get in touch with us at We'll be able to refer to your original questionnaire to check if you agreed to participate.

Someone said they were from The Good Food Guide and tried to get a free meal. Was that you?
No it wasn't. All of our inspections are anonymous and we pay for every meal we review.

One of my stickers was damaged, can I have a new one?
We have a limited stock of stickers available from the past few years. Email us at and we'll send a new one if we have stock.