Tatale’s Akwasi Brenya-Mensa on West African food in the UK
Published 20 June 2022

Credit: Tatale

West Africa is a region made up of many countries, and its foods have made a profound impact on cuisines around the world. From Brazil to the Caribbean, Mexico to the United States, you can trace culinary roots back to West Africa. Dishes such as Jamaican saltfish fritters are the culinary descendants of akara, the black-eyed bean fritter eaten in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, and The Gambia. New Orleanian beignets are an evolution of a form of fried dough known as bofrot in Ghana or puff puff in Nigeria. You can see it in the use of red palm oil in dishes like moqueca (seafood stew) in Brazil, jambalaya in Louisiana.

In the UK today, we are on the cusp of a new dawn with more food businesses showcasing West African cuisine starting to appear. For decades, West Africans have lived in British cities, settling into new communities, cooking heritage foods and taking special care to keep traditions alive. The main ...

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