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Where to eat in Birmingham: Stars, theatre, and naans 'as big as your head'
Published 15 June 2022

Credit: Oyster Club

Is Birmingham really England’s ‘second city’? For Southerners, sure, but not for us. While Mancunians fight their corner and Londoners continue to explore whether Brum was cool enough to live in, Birmingham stays in the lane it has always travelled in, adhering to the motto emblazoned on our coat of arms: Forward. Our city has always had an open-door policy and it’s one of the reasons it’s such a great place to eat. Come one, come all, bring food.

Chung Ying Cantonese, one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the city, has been the beating Hong Kong heart of Chinatown for more than four decades. Take inspiration from the extensive menu and pop into the Day In supermarket to shop for ingredients imported straight from China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, ...

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