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Through the archives: Nick Nairn at Braeval Old Mill
Published 02 August 2022

Credit: Nick Nairn

Nick Nairn was one of the first chefs to turn himself into a ‘celebrity’, and did so via the BBC’s then wildly popular show Ready Steady Cook. But Nairn was a star in the kitchen as well as on the screen. He opened his first restaurant, Braeval Old Mill, near Aberfoyle in 1986, and went on to open the acclaimed Nairn's in Glasgow in ‘98. Not bad for a chef who lacked formal training... and once described himself as ‘a self-taught cook who couldn’t boil an egg ten years ago’. 

  The Good Food Guide 1988 Made from local stone, this old mill still has the wheel on the side of the building. A large wood-burning stove divides the dining-room, which has a stone floor and interesting wall hangings made by Mrs Nairn’s mother. Nick Nairn cooks a wide-ranging, home-produced ...

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