The whey forward

Baby get, Sty James & whey dish at Silo

In the ‘waste not, want not’ spirit, today’s environmentally aware chefs are rediscovering whey, a byproduct of the cheesemaking process

Time was, whey – the liquid left when milk curds are drained to make cheese – would go straight into food processing or animal feed. We’ve found some far more delicious uses.

Delica pumpkin and whey are combined in a broth at James Lowe’s Shoreditch restaurant Lyle’s.

At near self-sufficient Coombeshead Farm in Cornwall, whey is put to multiple uses including in the ‘Miss Muffet-esque’ curd dumplings with whey.

Whey crops up in desserts too: try whey caramel with fermented apple sorbet at Robin Gill’s The Dairy in Clapham or carbonated yoghurt whey at Scott Smith’s Fhior in Edinburgh.

At ever-pioneering Stockport restaurant Where The Light Gets In, Sam Buckley reduces 40 litres of whey down to just one for a treacle-like consistency that’s perfect in a tiny petit four tart.