On trend

Pea flour wafers-herbs and flowers at Fera

From 'in-demand brassicas' to meadowsweet, our inspectors tell us what they’ve seen trending this year.

Hispi cabbage, whether it’s charred, sautéed or fermented, this sweet, conical cabbage has become an ‘in-demand brassica’.

Japanese influences, ‘Yuzu seems to be popping up a lot’. The versatile citrus fruit has been spotted in desserts in a posset, curd, mousse and jelly, and also in savoury dressings, marinades and sauces. ‘Lots of miso’ as well.

Herbs and edible flowers, ‘they make eating a really visual experience as well as a gustatory one’. Petersham Nurseries is the place to be if you like to look at, buy, but also eat flowers.

Tacos. In Clerkenwell Breddos is described as a ‘temple to tacos’, while others have added them into menus as a starter with pairings such as soy-cured beef or crab and pork skin at Temper in Soho.

Smoking, ‘food, not cigarettes’. With a lot of restaurants now smoking in-house, we can be treated to more unusual smoked morsels such as meringue (1887 at The Torridon), pomme mousseline (The Checkers), and smoked chocolate ganache (James Street South).

Meadowsweet or mead wort (Filipendula ulmaria) ‘seems to be everywhere’. A herb in the rose family, often used medicinally and sometimes found in mead (honey wine), the small white flowers give a mild almond-like flavour.

Soft drinks, lots of exciting alternatives to branded drinks, such as homemade sodas and cold-brewed coffee. Try the nimbu pani at Dishoom or roselle at The Begging Bowl.