The Good Food Guide Top 20 launch in pictures
Published 18 October 2022

Elizabeth Carter & Chloe Hamilton

On Monday night, The Good Food Guide hosted a party to celebrate our Top 20 Most Exciting restaurants of 2022. Chefs and restaurateurs descended on the Groucho club in Soho and much fun was had. Here's a snapshot of the event.

Elizabeth Carter, Chloe Hamilton & Adam Hyman

Richard Corrigan, Bill Knott & Robin Gill

Richard Vines & Pierre Koffmann

Richard Corrigan & Elizabeth Carter

Jason Atherton & James Close

Fay Maschler

Cal Byerley, Siân Buchan, Ian Waller & Vanessa Stoltz

Ravneet Gill

Richard Corrigan & Josh Barrie

Claire Koffmann, Richard Corrigan, guest, & Pierre Koffmann

Adam Hyman

Brad & Holly Carter & Chloe Hamilton

Alex Claridge, Rachael Whittely, Marius Gedminas, Chloe Hamilton & Sonal Clare

Elizabeth Carter, Rob Latimer, Pam Bruton & Chloe Hamilton

Endo Katsutoshi, Endo team & Chloe Hamilton

Jason Atherton & Chloe Hamilton

Elizabeth Carter, Nick Rudge & Chloe Hamilton

Elizabeth Carter, Gareth Ward, Amelia Eriksson & Chloe Hamilton

Elizabeth Carter, Graeme Cumine, Paul Burgalières & Chloe Hamilton

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