The Good Food Guide paywall explained
Published 21 June 2022

You might notice you are unable to view some of our features on the website. That’s because we’ve now launched The Good Food Guide Club and some of our content is behind a paywall, only available to subscribers.

If you weren’t already aware, the Club is a reimagining of The Good Food Guide, Britain’s oldest and most trusted dining resource. Formerly an annually printed guide book, the Guide is now a continuously updated app. We believe this format is the best way to navigate the country’s dining scene in 2022, ever evolving and dynamic as it is.

To that end, the Club not only grants users access to an endless resource of qualified, paid-for restaurant reviews on the app, but it also comes with local guides across Britain, each written by expert inspectors and hosted on our website. Subscribers can also view archive content on some of our most celebrated chefs, read exclusive interviews with the next big thing, and more. News and regular features will remain free-to-view online, as will reader recommendations, allowing you to get a flavour of what we're doing (and hopefully impressing you enough to join the Club).

And that’s just editorial. Club members will also be given access to perks and offers as part of their membership. After all, eating out isn’t only about a single experience, but about being a part of one of Britain’s most exciting and rewarding industries.

For now, we are continuing to build and develop The Good Food Guide Club, and there’s much more to come.


Join The Good Food Guide Club here