Gordon Ramsay now says mobile phones are a good thing for restaurants
Published 30 March 2022

Credit: Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

In 2006, Gordon Ramsay banned mobile phones from his flagship restaurant on Hospital Road. YouTube was only a year old then and Instagram didn’t exist. Still, people must have been in there texting, or taking fuzzy pictures and posting them on Facebook.  

I visited on my 18th birthday two years later - when I didn’t have even the slightest inclination to document my dinner - and you could hear everything. My gentle logs of foie gras made more noise than the table next to us. So it's easy to imagine the frustration, in a kitchen waiting to send out consommé, to have service disrupted by a phone call.

Since those vociferous days, Ramsay has apparently changed his tune and now thinks mobile phones are the best thing to happen to the restaurant industry. The celebrity chef is no longer concerned about stopping people 'yabbering', disturbing other diners in his Chelsea stronghold.

'A lot of restaurateurs and chefs just hate the idea of phones in restaurants today and I think it’s the best thing that’s ever happened', he said at the launch of his new television show last week. 'Everyone’s a critic, so wherever you are in the world you get that instant feedback.'

We at GFG agree. It is, after all, the modern way. Our mobile phones have long been a valuable resource in discovering where to eat. The Good Food Guide app will take this notion further still. Register your interest below.

Josh Barrie
Editor, Knife & Fork Media

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