Joe and Margaux Sharatt
Published 28 November 2017

Joe and Margaux Sharatt

We spend five minutes catching up with husband and wife team Joe and Margaux Sharratt from Naughty Piglets, and The Other Naughty Piglet.

What inspired you to become a chef?
Joe – Watching Boiling Point! It inspired me to go and apply for a job with Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Wareing.

What first sparked your interest in wine?
Margaux – Growing up in France and being raised in a family where spending time around a table was sacred. Food and wine have been part of my life since day one.

What foods could you not live without?
Cheese in general (burrata with olive oil and salt is one of my favourite things to eat – Margaux), but after a long week’s work we love ordering a pizza. Add some rocket and a nice bottle of wine – it is heavenly.

What’s your favourite dish from your menus?
XO linguine and cured egg yolk, such deliciousness.

...And which is your favourite wine to go with it?
A salty orange wine, a Sicilian Grillo from Nino Barraco.

With The Other Naughty Piglet being housed in a theatre, do you get to go the theatre often?
Not much, unfortunately, but definitely more than we did before.

As a husband-wife team at the restaurants, do you talk shop when you get home?
It is our little rule to try to not talk about work once we’re at home. We obviously can't avoid it sometimes but we are getting very good at it.

What do you like to eat after a long day in the kitchen?
Pitta and houmous; simple, delicious and easy.

Do you have a guilty junk food pleasure?
Salted caramel ice cream.

First, Naughty Piglets, then The Other Naughty Piglet; are there any more piggy new arrivals on the horizon?
Not just yet ... we want to start a family…

Published November 2017