Alex Nutt & Patrizia Ferrara
Published 29 January 2020

We spent 5 minutes with the chef-propretors of Todays Menu in Ilminster, Somerset

What do you enjoy most about being a chef?
Alex: The continual creativity; Patrizia and I write a new menu for lunch and dinner, taking our lead from the seasons and our wonderful suppliers.

What ingredient are you getting excited about at the moment?
Alex: Where to start? The incredible cheeses from Somerset? Morello cherries in eau de vie from Julian Temperley at Somerset Cider Brandy? West Country water buffalo mozzarella? We spend our days scouring the countryside for new producers and growers.

Name one ingredient you couldn't cook without.
Alex: Really good olive oil. Patrizia: Herbs

What is the most unusual technique you use?
Alex: I recently discovered that you can make a delicious roux using yeast flakes, miso and olive oil which works as a cracking base for a velouté

Who are your greatest influences?
Alex: Each other. Patrizia: My grandmother and Alex

What’s your favourite non-food kitchen item/gadget?
Patrizia: Deepio, the best degreaser ever!

When you get home at the end of a long day, what do you like to eat?
Alex: Just simple pasta dishes, slow braises – anything that falls into the comfort food bracket – and Twiglets.