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Published 01 March 2024

Our Farm, Cartmel Valley, Cumbria, England

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Member exclusive event: On Monday 1st July join us for 'A Day at Our Farm', a one-of-a-kind exploration of the flourishing beds and polytunnels that power the kitchen of World Class-rated L’Enclume.

There are just 15 spaces available with tickets priced at £150 including the tour, a welcome drink, snacks, a generous feasting lunch and a treat from Our Farm to take away with you. It’s a unique chance to experience the best of the British farm-to-table movement and learn from the team who are leading the field.

11am Arrival at Our Farm and welcome
11:15am - 12:30pm Farm tour with accompanying snacks
12:30pm - 3pm Feasting lunch and Q&A
3pm Departure from Our Farm

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