100 Best Local Restaurants 2024: Information for restaurants

Nominations for The Good Food Guide’s 100 Best Local Restaurants 2024 are now open!

The Good Food Guide is inviting the public to nominate their favourite local restaurants to be in the running for Britain’s 100 Best Local Restaurants 2024.


Get involved

To make it easier for your customers to nominate their favourite local restuarants, this year we are inviting establishments to register their details. If your restaurant meets the eligibility criteria below and you would like to take part, you can pre-register here*:

Register Now

*If your restaurant is already featured in The Good Food Guide, there is no need to register as it will already be available for your customers to select when nominating.

We encourage you to direct diners towards the nomination form through your digital channels such as your website, emails and social media, and in your restaurant by using the printable assets provided. 
We have also provided a QR code, which can be added to receipts or other printed materials to direct diners to the nomination page. 

You can find the nomination form here: https://www.thegoodfoodguide.co.uk/best-local-restaurant/2024/nominations 

Nominations are open from 10 April 2024 12:00PM to 22 May 2024 11.59PM


To be shortlisted, restaurants must meet the following criteria: 

- Independently run; owned by the chef or a hands-on proprietor
- Offer regularly changing, seasonal menus at affordable prices
- Demonstrate strong relationships with local suppliers
- Rooted in the local community
- Offer at least two dinner services a week
- Give customers a genuine, warm welcome 

Once nominations close, a shortlist of restaurants from each region is drawn up based on public nominations.

The Good Food Guide’s editors will then gather details from shortlisted restaurants, including but not limited to menus, images, supplier information and chef bios. 

Shortlisted finalists will be visited anonymously by a Good Food Guide inspector. The full list of 100 Best Local Restaurants plus an overall winner and regional winners are selected by editors of The Good Food Guide in consultation with our inspectors.



You can download the below assets to share your participation in the campaign:

Digital website button
Use this on your website to link to the nomination form: https://www.thegoodfoodguide.co.uk/best-local-restaurant/2024/nominations

Printable business cards
Standard and folded business cards which restaurants can have professionally printed. The cards have a QR code which links directly to the nomination form. We recommend getting these printed and displaying on tables or leaving with receipts to encourage nominations.

Social media assets
Artwork which you can post on your social media channels to encourage nominations. We have provided a square version for main feed posts and a portrait version for stories.

Other ways to share
If you have an email list, your email newsletter can be a great way to announce your participation. 



Q: Can you provide more details on printing business cards? 
Restaurants should have business cards professionally printed in the correct size (84x55mm or 87x98 mm for the folded version). Any printed materials are at the restaurant’s expense.  

Q: How can customers nominate from our website or via our social media channels? 
We recommend adding the digital button to your website with a link to the nominations page: https://www.thegoodfoodguide.co.uk/best-local-restaurant/2024/nominations. This button can also be used on your social channels, although you are welcome to use your own imagery too. 

Q: Can restaurants publicise The Good Food Guide's 100 Best Local Restaurants? 
Yes. We encourage you to advertise your participation as widely as possible. We recommend using email marketing, social media, your website and printed business cards to prompt nominations.  

Restaurants can promote the fact that The Good Food Guide will enter participating customers into a prize draw to win a £250 voucher. We do not recommend that restaurants run their own competitions or prize draws in relation to the awards.  

Q: How many nominations do you receive? 
In previous years we have received up to 37,000 nominations. We do not disclose how many nominations each restaurant receives. 

Q: How are nominations verified? 
Nominations are carefully audited by The Good Food Guide team before being passed to the editors for consideration. Incomplete submissions and invalid names will be removed and multiple nominations for the same restaurant from the same individual will not be valid. 

Q: If I get nominations for The Good Food Guide's 100 Best Local Restaurants, will I be included in The Good Food Guide
Not necessarily. Participation does not guarantee inclusion in the Guide. However, the overall winner must be of Good Food Guide standard and therefore will subsequently be included in the Guide if not already featured.  

For any queries that have not been answered on this page, you can contact us at editors@thegoodfoodguide.co.uk. We will endeavour to answer your query as quickly as possible. 



Click 'download' to get a zip file of all restaurant assets for The Good Food Guide's 100 Best Local Restaurants 2024: