The team

Elizabeth Carter – Consultant Editor

Elizabeth was appointed as Consultant Editor of The Good Food Guide in November 2007.  She has been an active restaurant inspector and contributor to the Guide since the 1990s, and has extensive experience in restaurant-related publishing and media. Previous roles have included editor of Les Routiers UK and Ireland Guide (2002-2004) and editor of the AA Restaurant Guide (1997-2000).

As well as an exhaustive knowledge of British restaurants, hotels, pubs and budget restaurants, Elizabeth is an expert in food and cookery techniques and at identifying new food trends.

Elizabeth has considerable media experience including television and radio appearances, and is available for interview or expert comment on restaurant and food-related issues. Contact us for further information.


Amber Dalton – Editor

Amber is the Editor of The Good Food Guide, tracking restaurant trends, charting new openings and keeping her finger on the pulse of the UK's dining scene. She has eaten in the best restaurants in the country – and some of the worst - and manages a team of anonymous inspectors who tour the country in search of the best dining experiences that Britain has to offer. 

Amber brings twenty years of publishing expertise to The Good Food Guide and is available for interview or expert comment. Contact us for further information.


Ria Martin - Content Producer

Ria is the lynchpin of The Good Food Guide, managing the website, logistics and social media. Ria's years of experience in the retail trade help to ensure that The Good Food Guide continues to be the UK's bestselling guide. This, coupled with her restaurant knowledge, digital savvy and love of travel, make her an integral part of The Good Food Guide team.