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Some FAQs for restaurateurs and restaurant managers


Inclusion and scores in The Good Food Guide

The editors are unable to discuss scores or inspections with restaurants. The Good Food Guide is produced for consumers on the basis of undercover expert inspections and reader feedback, and any discussions with individual restaurants would compromise our impartiality. We cannot make any exceptions.

The research list for each edition of The Good Food Guide is compiled from scratch each year, and every existing entry, or potential entry, is assessed anew.




Who are your inspectors?
Our inspectors are a team of experts, coming from the foodie world - they can be food critics, writers, chefs and guide specialists. They are trained and complete tests before being given assignments; and we spot verify their inspections and grades to ensure consistency across the Guide. They are ALWAYS anonymous - anybody coming into an establishment purporting to be from the Guide is an impostor.
Do you give out details of the inspections?
We do not give out this information to restaurants.

When do inspections normally take place?
Inspections happen throughout the year and can be any day, evenings or lunchtimes.


Entry into the Guide

How do I get into the Guide?
You can't pay to get into the Guide. You will only be considered for inclusion when we have heard lots of genuine feedback. This can be received through our online feedback form, reader letters and emails. 

I was in the Guide last year/previous years and I'm not in this year. Why?
The inclusion list is drawn up from scratch every year, based on reader feedback. Restaurants can be excluded for any number of reasons: because we haven't had any positive reviews this year, because we've had negative feedback, because the restaurant had a poor inspection or because we weren't sent the restaurant's questionnaire in time. It's also worth remembering that we have a finite amount of space - we can't always fit everybody in: so we go for the most popular establishments according to our readers, and that are also verified by our team of inspectors.


Promoting an entry

Can I issue a press release about my inclusion in The Good Food Guide?
We do our own regional press campaign around the launch of the Guide, but yes, we’re very happy for restaurants to raise awareness of their inclusion in the Guide with press activity. We subscribe to a cuttings service that provides us with copies of all press features and reviews that mention the Good Food Guide, so we do check for accuracy. 

How do I get a window sticker saying that I am in The Good Food Guide?
All restaurants included in the Good Food Guide 2017 will be sent a window sticker on 25.8.16 with a letter giving them the opportunity to buy a copy of The Good Food Guide. If you haven't received your letter and know you are in the Good Food Guide 2017, please email us at

NB: We reserve the right to revoke the consent to display this window sticker at any time and to request that the sticker is immediately withdrawn from use if we believe that is has been used outside of the consent granted above or has been used in any manner that may be harmful to the goodwill of the Good Food Guide or bring the Good Food Guide into disrepute or otherwise affect its validity.

Are there logos available to use on restaurant websites?
Yes there are. You will have received information about how to download web logos on the letter you received about inclusion in the guide, however if you no longer have this, email us at and we will be able to point you in the right direction.



I've received a letter from The Good Food Guide requesting money in return for an entry in The Good Food Guide. Is this genuine?
No. The Good Food Guide will never ask a restaurant for money to secure an entry in the Guide. Entry into the Guide is based on a combination of genuine reader feedback and anonymous inspection. If you receive a request for money in connection with securing an entry in the Guide, please let us know by emailing



Can I sell copies of The Good Food Guide from my restaurant?
If you are interested in retailing the Good Food Guide 2017 in your restaurant please email for details or order copies using the details sent to you on the letter about your inclusion.

For more information, check out our pages on The Good Food Guide's inspectorsscoring system, and awards.