9th September 2011

Restaurant Reactions

Restaurant Reactions...Congratulations to every establishment that made it into The Good Food Guide 2012, which was published on 8th September 2011. 

There have been some great reactions from restaurants who've shared their thoughts in the press on how it feels to have made it into The Good Food Guide 2012, and we've collated some of them here. Well done everyone!

Sarah Poli, owner, Boboli, Kibworth

‘Chuffed as punch. I am so excited. It’s so great to be in there. I have never been one for jumping through hoops for critics – I’ve always thought the customers are more important and the guide is customer-led so you really feel like you’ve earned it.’

Jim Cowie, The Captain’s Galley, Caithness

‘It is a huge privilege to be recognised by a publication as highly respected as The Good Food Guide.’

Aiden Byrne, The Collingwood and Church GreenAiden Byrne, The Collingwood & Church Green, Merseyside

‘I’m absolutely thrilled that both the Church Green and The Collingwood have been included in this year’s Guide – it’s a great honour. The ethos of both venues is great food, accessible to all and it seems our customers think we are achieving this, which is amazing.’

James Sommerin, executive head chef, The Crown at Whitebrook

‘For The Crown at Whitebrook to gain this recognition and to be in The Good Food Guide's Top 50 list (ranked 28) among all those other fantastic restaurants, as well as being listed as the top restaurant in Wales in what is among the most prestigious food guides in the world, is truly awesome.’

James Sommerin, The Crown at WhitebrookCandice Fonseca, Owner, Delifonseca, Liverpool

‘We are delighted to have made the Guide for a second year running. We would like to stay a huge thank you to all of the customers who recommended us, as we really couldn’t do it without their continued support.’

Simon Goodman, chef-patron of The Duke of Cumberland Arms, West Sussex – The Good Food Guide's Pub of the Year, 2012

‘I’m really happy. It’s great news. Having spoken to the team I think it was the whole experience – the food, the pub, the service, everything – that won it for us.’

Simon Rogan, L’Enclume, Cumbria

Simon Rogan, L'Enclume

‘This means so much to me and the team – coming second in the country with a 9/10 score is unbelievable. It is especially pleasing since we have just been going about our daily business, improving and being as local and creative as possible up here in Cumbria.'


Barnaby Hibbert, ffresh, Cardiff

‘Being in The Good Food Guide 2012 gives us a new level of seriousness.’

Chris Donoghue, The King’s Arms, Lockerley

‘It’s a fantastic achievement it really is, and considering we have only been running for seven or eight months it makes it that much more special. It’s a testament to the effort and hard work put in by all the staff here.’
Matt Gillan, The Pass

Michele Abdou, Pant-y-Gwydr, Swansea

‘The most important thing is that people have come into the restaurant and said they wanted to return. It’s the customers we aim to please.’

Matt Gillan, The Pass, Sussex

‘Thanks to the success of last year’s Guide in attracting lots of new business to the restaurant, we are now really busy with more and more regular customers. We are all really proud of our place in The Good Food Guide's Top 50 list (ranked 29) this year and inspired to do even better.’

Nick Bonner, co-owner The Red Lion, East Haddon

Nick Bonner, co-owner of The Red Lion, East Haddon

‘We’re absolutely overjoyed. Getting in to The Good Food Guide has been a personal goal for me since I opened a restaurant. The thing with the Guide is that it comes from customer responses and reviews. With some other guides it comes down to how much money you spend with them on advertising. The Good Food Guide is very democratic.  And they send out anonymous inspectors as well just to make sure we’re up to standard. Some restaurants get hung up on getting a Michelin star, and you can spend a lot of money to get there. But this is all about the customers.’

John Quigley, Red Onion, Glasgow

“It’s a big award for the team’s hard work at Red Onion and it’s good to be back in it. It has taken us 26 years and it’s fantastic. The Good Food Guide fits our pitch completely as it’s picked up by Mr and Mrs Average, who like good food at a reasonable price and who take the trouble to write in to the Guide with their feedback. We’re delighted.”

Dominic Chapman, The Royal OakDominic Chapman, The Royal Oak, Paley Street – on making it into the top 50 for the first time (no. 49)

‘A big thank-you to all the team for their hard work and commitment. On a personal note this achievement makes me extremely proud.’

Sam Metcalfe, Sam’s of Sevendials, Brighton

‘It’s fantastic news. It’s the result of lots of hard work from the team. We try to keep things simple and be consistent with quality, so it’s good to get recognition.’

Kevin Davies, The Seagrave Arms, Glos

‘We’re absolutely delighted to be in The Good Food Guide 2012 – it’s a small reward for an awful lot of hard work.’

George Lee, manager, Shanghai 30s, Oxford

‘In today’s economic crisis, any kind of exposure in restaurant guides is a must, not just to thrive but to survive.’

Matt & Adam Locke, Spire, Liverpool

‘We’re over the moon. Last year we were included in The Good Food Guide, but most of the time the big awards go to city centre restaurants – you get a bit forgotten about in the suburbs.  But awards like this are about the food and the service, rather than the location.  To think that our local customers helped us to win makes it all the more special.’

Judy and Chris Bradley, Mr Underhill's
Judy Bradley, Mr Underhills, Ludlow

‘We are never complacent and we never rest on our laurels. Of course, we are thrilled but this is really recognition for the entire team. We have a hard-working group of people here and this is something for everyone to enjoy.’

Sally Daniel, co-owner, Wild Thyme, Chipping Norton

‘The Good Food Guide is held to be one of the better food guides within the industry, and the one we have certainly wanted to get in.’


Is your local eaterie in this year's Guide? Order a copy today and find out! If it isn't in there, write to us and tell us why it should be – reader feedback informs the content of the Guide, and we rely on your reports when compiling the book.

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