The Good Food Guide 2015

The Good Food Guide 2015

The UK’s bestselling restaurant guide, the Good Food Guide is every diner’s trusted companion. Whether you’re planning an anniversary celebration in a Top 50 restaurant, a good lunch in a strange town or sunset in a seafood shack, we’ll help you find the right place – and order the best dishes.

Our team of experienced inspectors have witnessed seismic changes on the British food scene and retain a huge enthusiasm for eating out in all its forms. They dine anonymously – and pay their own way – in restaurants all over the country. Their experiences are combined with feedback from thousands of ordinary diners to produce incisive, detailed reviews that rate the cooking and conjure the atmosphere of the best restaurants in the land.

From country pubs to cutting-edge kitchens and everything in between, there are some fabulous meals to be had in the UK. The Good Food Guide exists to help you find them.


*  624 pages of entertaining reviews with prices, maps and contact details

*  Notes on exceptional wine, vegetarian menus and keen prices

*  Colour maps, foodie features and interviews with top chefs

*  £50 worth of money-off vouchers

The Good Food Guide is compiled from scratch every year. All reviews are based on reader feedback and inspections are carried out anonymously. We pay for every meal we review.

* PLEASE NOTE: The money-off vouchers in the back of the book expire on 1/9/15.The Good Food Guide 2016 includes £50-worth of money-off vouchers valid from 1/9/15 to 1/9/16.