25th October 2013

Baked banana split recipe

Baked banana split

With chopped nuts and a glossy, chocolatey sauce, this banana split is a great go-to dessert for the winter months. Hassle-free but with indulgent flavours, it works just as well as a fab little pudding for one, or as an economical crowd pleaser. The perfect fireside treat – whether you're hibernating by the fireplace, or bundled up outside by a bonfire.




Serves: 6
Time: ready in 10 minutes

6 large ripe bananas
200g dark chocolate
2 tbsp golden syrup
2 tbsp soft light brown sugar
Knob of butter
1 tbsp double cream6 scoops vanilla ice cream
50g hazelnuts or pecans, chopped

1. Put the bananas, unpeeled, on a wire rack over the fire (or in a frying pan) and cook for 5-10 minutes, turning occasionally, until the skins are black.

2. Melt the chocolate, syrup, sugar, butter and cream together in a small saucepan to make a shiny sauce, then set aside.

3. Once the bananas are cooked, allow to cool for a few minutes, then put on serving plates, split open the skins and add a generous dollop of chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sprinkle with the chopped nuts to serve. 

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