How the Guide is compiled

Creating The Good Food Guide

Started by the social commentator, Raymond Postgate, The Good Food Guide was set up to improve the standard of cooking in post-war Britain. It has always been founded on independence and integrity; it does not take advertising and every inspection is paid for and conducted anonymously.

How the guide is compiled


Your restaurant feedback

The long-list for potential entries is created from the huge volume of feedback that we receive from members of the public. We collect their thoughts and recommendations throughout the year, via our restaurant feedback form. The Good Food Guide team then assess the recommendations and create a long list of potential inclusions.


Our team of inspectors

The Guide has a team of anonymous inspectors across the UK. They inspect establishments by eating at the restaurant like any other consumer; they never announce who they are, and they may attend individually or in groups, at lunch or at dinner, any day of the week. 


Compiling the Guide

Some restaurants will appear in the Guide regularly, but they must earn their place every year. Restaurants cannot elect or pay to be included, and they have no input on their score or review. The Good Food Guide is compiled and written from scratch every year; so there are always new entries, changes of score and deletions.

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