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General FAQs

What is The Good Food Guide?
The Good Food Guide is the UK's bestselling restaurant guide. First published in 1951 and written and compiled from scratch every year, it reviews the best restaurants, pubs and cafés throughout the UK. The Good Food Guide does not accept advertising and every inspected meal is paid for. Inspectors always visit restaurants anonymously. Since August 2013 The Good Food Guide has been owned and published by Waitrose.

How do I buy a copy of The Good Food Guide?
The Good Food Guide 2017 is available to purchase on The Good Food Guide website and in Waitrose branches from 5.9.16 at the special Waitrose price of £12.99, or in any good bookshop from 5.9.16, rrp £17.99.

How is The Good Food Guide compiled?
Each year, the Guide is completely rewritten and compiled from scratch. All reviews are based on the huge volume of feedback that we receive from readers and this, together with anonymous inspections, ensures that every entry is assessed afresh. All feedback we receive from readers is taken into account; you really can have your say, so please tell us about your restaurant experiences, good or bad. Click here to submit your restaurant feedback. 

How are the entries scored?
Here is an explanation of how entries are scored. There are always subjective aspects to rating systems, but our inspectors are equipped with extensive scoring guidelines to ensure that bench-marking around the UK is accurate. We also take into account the reader feedback we receive for each restaurant, so that any given review is based on several meals.

How does a restaurant get into The Good Food Guide?
The long-list for potential entries is created from the huge volume of feedback that we receive from members of the public. We collect their thoughts and recommendations throughout the year from the general public. The Good Food Guide team then assesses the recommendations and creates a long-list of potential inclusions.

How do I send in my restaurant feedback?
Please send us your feedback using our online feedback form.  Reader recommendations help create the long-list for potential inclusion in the Guide so please provide as much information as you can - the more detail the better. You can also email editors@thegoodfoodguide.co.uk with your feedback.

I've forgotten my password. How do I reset it?
To reset your password go to the Login page. Select ‘Forgotten your password?’ and enter the email address you registered with. Click ‘Submit’. You will then be taken to another webpage. An email will have been sent to your email address containing a link to reset your password. Follow the instructions and log in to the site again. If it hasn't arrived, please check your spam filters and then contact editors@thegoodfoodguide.co.uk

I am a journalist, where can I find information about The Good Food Guide?
For more information about The Good Food Guide, including contact details and information about our Consultant Editor visit our Press area.

How do I get in touch with The Good Food Guide?
Visit the Contact Us page, which provides all the contact details on how to get in touch with The Good Food Guide team.

My question has not been answered here, who should I contact?
Please email: editors@thegoodfoodguide.co.uk


Website FAQs

Can I read restaurant reviews on The Good Food Guide website?
We don't offer online access to our reviews. The full review content of The Good Food Guide is available as an ios app from the Apple App Store. The 2017 app is due for release at the end of September 2016, date tbc.

How do I notify The Good Food Guide of obscene or offensive content?
If you come across comments that you consider to be obscene, offensive or inappropriate anywhere on our site, please notify editors@thegoodfoodguide.co.uk.

What should I do if I spot an error or dead link on The Good Food Guide website?
Please notify editors@thegoodfoodguide.co.uk and we will do our best to rectify the error.

I posted a comment and it is ‘awaiting moderation’. How long will the moderation process take?
We aim to moderate comments as soon as we possibly can.

My comment has not appeared, and I made it some time ago. Why is this?
As is stated  in our Terms and Conditions, we will not accept any comments that could be interpreted as illegal or unlawful, or likely to encourage illegal or unlawful behaviour; likely to damage the reputation of either The Good Food Guide or Which?; or likely to be a nuisance, harmful or deceptive to any other person. We will only accept comments that we consider to be in the spirit of fair comment or discussion, and our decision is final.


Book FAQs 

Who are Littlehampton Book Services?
Littlehampton Book Services (LBS) distribute books, including The Good Food Guide.

I am a restaurant and would like to retail The Good Food Guide. Who should I contact?Please email editors@thegoodfoodguide.co.uk.

I have seen a mistake in The Good Food Guide. Who should I contact?
Please email editors@thegoodfoodguide.co.uk.


The Good Food Guide 2017 iOS app: information

When will the 2017 app be available?
The 2017 app will be available from the Apple App Store at the end of October.

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