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The best restaurants, pubs and cafés across the UK

Since 1951, The Good Food Guide has reviewed the best restaurants, pubs and cafés across the UK. Each year, the Guide is completely rewritten and compiled from scratch. All reviews are based on the huge volume of feedback that we receive from readers and this, together with anonymous inspections, ensures that every entry is assessed afresh.

The Good Food Guide does not accept advertising and every inspected meal is paid for; it remains the UK’s bestselling restaurant guide. The Good Food Guide is published annually in September, by Waitrose.

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The Good Food Guide 1951 - 1952

In the beginning…

The Good Food Guide was first compiled by Raymond Postgate in 1951. Appalled by the British post-war dining experience, Postgate formed The Good Food Club, recruiting an army of volunteers to inspect restaurants anonymously and report back. His aims were simple, among them, ‘to raise the standard of cooking in Britain’ and ‘to do ourselves all a bit of good by making our holidays, travels and evenings-out in due course more enjoyable’. Following the success of The Good Food Club, reports were compiled and The Good Food Guide was published.

Although much has changed since the very first edition of The Good Food Guide, the ethos of the original book remains. The Good Food Guide is about empowering diners, helping readers to find the very best places to eat and encouraging restaurants to offer the best possible food, service and experience.



For 65 years The Good Food Guide has scoured the UK for the best dining experiences on offer, from high-end restaurants for that once-in-a-lifetime meal to hearty pubs for Sunday lunch with friends. If a restaurant isn’t up to scratch, it won’t be included in The Good Food Guide.

All feedback we receive from readers is taken into account; you really can haveyour say so please tell us about your restaurant experiences - good or bad, we want to hear it.

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